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Monday, August 23, 2010

New adult classes in mornings

Hi all, the end of the summer holidays is nigh. When everyone has returned to normal and getting back to their lives, we will be introducing the adult kickboxing classes on Monday and Friday mornings at 9.30 am.
It is a great time to get your workout finished for the day as you have probably just dropped your kids off at school. So keep this in mind for your new fitness regime. September and October are always busy months for us at the kickboxing academy and we look forward to them after a quiet and lazy few months in the sunshine on the Costa del Sol.
Class times are as follows for September
Monday & Friday Adults kickboxing 9.30 am
Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday Kids Kickboxing 6 pm Adults Kickboxing 7 pm
Saturday kids Kickboxing 9.45 am Adults kickboxing 10.30 am
Sunday mixed kickboxing class (all welcome) sparring included 11 am (2 hour session)

Monday & Friday Kids Kickboxing 5.45 pm Adults Kickboxing 6.30 pm
Saturday Kids Kickboxing 12 pm Adults Kickboxing 12.45 pm

Sunday sessions are open to all students. The session is 2 hours long and a great work out for all levels (beginners to advanced).
Sparring is also included for anyone who wishes to take part in it. The Sunday classes have kept on running all through these hot summer months and will hopefully get busier when we all return to our normal lives after the summer holidays.
Check out the web site for any more info or call me 635068806.
Anyone wishing to try out a free trial class or to book a private class also call 635068806.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

new blog

Hi there, well it is Wednesday 4th August 2010 and I have just started this new blog. It said it was easy to get started so it only took me about 20 hours to figure it out, Techno geek I am not.
It is smack bang in the middle of the summer break for everyone so the classes are quiet just now but I am preparing myself for a big push in September to get rocking and rolling again. We just had a belt graduation ceremony at the end of July so our next one will be at the end of October in Benalmadena. that should be a great event and I am very much looking forward to it.
I will hopefully have a lot of new students at that graduation to join in with our black belt students, we should have at least 7 black belts by then (well 9 including myself and Mrs Wilson)
Hopefully I will be able to regularly update my new blog and keep everyone updated with all that is going on at the Tempest Kickboxing academy in Spain.